Hide; and I'm not afraid of romance
[ Action -- 1648 Albright Lane ]

[ Phew! What an exciting week. If it's always like this in Mayfield, she'll never get any studying done at all! Shrinking, growing, slime and doppelgangers: the actual shape of the situation she's gotten into here is really beginning to take shape, and it's not a fortunate one at all.

Hence, tea. It had been a bit of a swallowing of pride to take the offer, but now here she was: in Abel's house, under pretense of visiting Nanako - which she would anyway, for her favourite little sister type - waiting for the tea to boil. ]

I really do hope I'm not intruding...

Scandalised; take a line of silver
[ Action -- School, daytime ]

[ Well, at least she's not trapped in the middle of a giant gelatinous goo!

But it's still small comfort when you can fall to your death getting off your goddamn desk. Of all the times to shrink down to an inch, Yukiko has been stuck with right in the middle of lunchtime in her classroom, gone completely unnoticed by the drones surrounding her. Who has two thumbs and sticks around to do extra study when lunch is on, right?

This chick. So now she's waving, her clothes shrunk down just as small with her, and shouting at the top of her tiny, helium-filled voice. ]

S-someone help me, please!

[ And wouldn't you know it? Her phone's in her bag. More luck. ]

Profile; my bedside is loaded
[ Action-- 461 Stone Street ]

[ Today has been a very, very odd day. After yet another peaceful day of school and inn-work back in Inaba, life had taken a turn for the saccharine with her new awakening in some very vintage flannel pyjamas down on Stone Street. The initial squawks of surprise and reaching for her fan occur, but to no avail- there's only a bouffant hairdo popping around the corner to remind her that she's late to school, dear. She should get moving if she doesn't want to be late to school!

With the space where her war fan is continuing to stay stubbornly empty, there's no option but the diplomatic one. It's in the kitchen that most of this goes down, Yukiko having quickly changed into the only thing she could find- a simple, blessedly red blouse and cream skirt, her Mary Jane shoes clicking across the linoleum. This mother is being...very stubborn. ]

Yes, I-I understand that, but...this really isn't my home. I'm not really sure what's happening, and I need to--

[ Cut off. Yukiko's distress grows more and more visible as she's assured, pleasantly and serenely, that she must have had an awful nightmare. Doesn't she know, dear?

Mayfield is her home. It always has been. Yukiko opens her mouth to speak, shuts it again, swallows and nods. ]

...may I use the phone before I leave, please?

[ Phone -Morning ]

Hello? I'm sorry, I can't talk long-- this is Yukiko Amagi. I don't know if this will reach anyone in Inaba, but...can someone please send help?

[ She lowers her voice, the tone betraying panic welling below the strained surface. ]

I think I've been kidnapped.

Concrit and Player Contact Post
What; she's got style

Player: Jonesy
Main LJ: neutraltwin
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Plurk: peroxicide
Canon Point: Post-True Ending

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